Tait's Biography



Born and raised in San Jose, California, Tait's interest in puppets dates back to when he was just a small boy watching ventriloquist Paul Winchell and his pals Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff perform on TV. He was overjoyed when, one Christmas, his parents surprised him with his very own Jerry and Knuck ventriloquist dolls from the Juro doll company. He hasn't stopped loving puppets since.

He eventually shifted his puppet interests towards robotics and animatronic figures. Disney was an inspiration for him and he decided to pursue an education in art and engineering. While attending college, Tait built various animated figures controlled by basic electric motors. He loved Halloween so he usually designed them with a creature or monster in mind. He put his figures to use by setting-up Halloween displays at his home on an annual basis. Soon, people came from all over town to enjoy his creations.

When Tait finished his college days, he had earned two degrees. An Associate of Science in engineering from West Valley Community College in Saratoga, California and a Bachelor of Arts in studio art and sculpture from San Jose State University.

Tait then decided to pursue employment involving the creation of anything that had to do with animating three-dimensional objects. By chance, he met up with master Puppeteer Jim Gamble in the San Francisco bay area during one of Mr. Gamble's school performances. Mr. Gamble was impressed by Tait's portfolio and invited him to work at the Jim Gamble puppet workshop. Several months were spent learning the art of marionette building and soon Tait was being trained to perform the various Jim Gamble puppet shows. Eventually, Tait produced his own company called "Pullin' Strings Puppet Productions" and has been performing professionally for over twenty years.

Tait is a multi-talented performer and has considerable experience in performing for children and creating intricate marionettes. His upbeat personality and blend of talents are a perfect combination to enhance the appeal of the colorful puppets designed and built in the PSPP workshop.

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